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New Age Foundation in partnership with Search For Common Ground, completed new year project in Mkinga, Tanga and Lushoto Districts. The project brought together community to participate on security programme which aim to  PVE. Youth have been empowered and being champion in a...
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Youth in Mkinga and Pangani districts trained to conduct PETs

Youth In Mkinga and Pangani Districts are conducting Public expenditure trucking survey in Education sector. the project is is funded by FCS. During the presentation of findings, all 2 districts promised to work on all positive recommendations for better provision of education in...
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Holding Government accountable on education sector

NAF has signed 6 months contract with Foundation for Civil Society to facilitate youth engaging on public expenditure tracking system in Mkinga and Pangani Districts in Education Sector. The project started in October 2016, will end in March 2017. The project trained 150 Youths...
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Wekeza project continue and will come to an end of December 2016. Youth in Muheza, Korogwe and Tanga city are training on business skill and supporting with start up kits, including tailoring machine, carpentry equipment and other material per their selection during youth...
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International youth day

Since 2003 NAF organize international youth day in Tanga region. Youth from all 8 districts of Tanga region come to Tanga city for cerebrating the International youth day. Deferent activities are organized for the whole week before the 12th August. Activities including seminars...
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2016 youth work camp

  NAF organize youth work camp in Lushoto district at Kwekitui village Work camp Participants are from Tanzania and Germany; we expect to have 15 participants in this year. The participants will make a soil bricks for construction of Kallange Education center. The aim of the...
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