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About the Organization

NAF is a democratic umbrella organization representing the interests of youth and youth organizations in Tanzania mainland. It has in place democratic structures and systems providing supreme powers to its members in the General Assembly and stipulates the responsibility of the Board to ensure good governance and diligent financial management. The organization was founded and registered in May 2000 as Tanga youth Development Association (TAYODEA) with the aim to enhance youth participation in development activities both socially and economically through capacity building, lobbying and advocacy. In 2016 TAYODEA changed the name to NAF which suit expansion its operation area to all regions of Tanzania main land.


NAF is an NGO facilitating youth participation in social, economic and political development by capacity building, entrepreneurship promotion, networking, lobbing and advocacy


The youth are participating and influencing positively the social, economic and political development for their wellbeing.


NAF programmes divided into two categories, Social empowerment programme and economic generating programme

1.Social generating empowerment

•HIV/AIDS Prevention
•Drug Abuse Prevention
•Environmental Conversation
•Youth clubs in Secondary schools
•Youth work camps
•Youth parliament
•Youth activista
•Youth entrepreneurship

2.Economic generating empowerment

•Agriculture both animal and crop production
•Health dispensary