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NAF empower youth to create self employment in Tanga region, through these program we provide business skills for young people in the region under this program we run WEKEZA PROJECT in 3 districts in the region. Namely –Tanga, Korogwe and Muheza. Where we train youth and support them doing business and train youth and support them doing business and some sent to vacation training center.
Under social empowerment programme we have number of projects, We empower youth to participate on social development; NAF run youth parliament in Tanga region where young people are involved in decision making process through youth parliament . some projects one HIV/AIDS, Environment conservation, youth club in secondary schools youth activista and youth work camp

Current News

2019 International Youth Day

2019 International Youth day organized by NAF in Lushoto District. This year NAF has organized activities from 6th to 24 August, in 12th youth stop working and visited SONI falls to commemorate a day. among of other things young people lived in a camp to construct administration...
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International youth day 2019

NAF organize Intentional Youth Day in 2019. We are going to have 3 weeks work camp to roofing administration block and make soil brick at Kallange Education center. 20 Young people will live together for 3 weeks for a such work. young people from German and their colleague from...
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New Age Foundation in partnership with Search For Common Ground, completed new year project in Mkinga, Tanga and Lushoto Districts. The project brought together community to participate on security programme which aim to  PVE. Youth have been empowered and being champion in a...
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Youth in Mkinga and Pangani districts trained to conduct PETs

Youth In Mkinga and Pangani Districts are conducting Public expenditure trucking survey in Education sector. the project is is funded by FCS. During the presentation of findings, all 2 districts promised to work on all positive recommendations for better provision of education in...
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About Us

NAF is a democratic umbrella organization representing the interests of youth and youth organizations in Tanzania mainland. It has in place democratic structures and systems providing supreme powers to its members in the General Assembly and stipulates the responsibility of the Board to ensure good governance and diligent financial management.

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    Name of Account: Tanga Youth Development Association.
    Name of Bank: CRDB LTD, Tanga Branch.
    Account Number: 0250045999200 (USD)

    Name of Account: New Age Foundation.
    Name of Bank: CRDB LTD, Tanga Branch.
    Account Number: 0150217158000 (TZS)


NAF run volunteer programme, volunteers are work in deferent projects, depending the intrest of volunteer and professional. We have opportunity in Schools, (both Secondary and Primary Schools), in dispensary, where volunteers work as nurses assistance, in laboratory and other services assistance in our NAF dispensary
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